How to get the Perfect Proposal Photos

I love a good engagement session, but nothing beats photos from a surprise proposal.  Sure you can ask a friend or family member to snap a few shots, but for a moment this special it is totally worth it to hire a professional.  The joy on a bride’s face during a proposal is like no other.  She is over the moon with excitement over saying yes, and of course, the ring!  Photos of the joy of the moment will be priceless treasures for years to come. If you’re looking for a photographer, we have a great directory of local professionals here.

Ladies, of course you want him to surprise you but if you would also love photos, be sure to make it known.  Mention to your man how special that would be.  Let a trusted friend or family member know how much it would mean to you.  Then sit back and wait for your proposal!

Guys, if you took the hint (or are just awesome enough to plan for a photographer with no prompting), what can you do to capture the perfect fairy-tale moment?  First, decide where you would like to propose. Locations with special meanings to a couple are always perfect for proposals. If you don’t have a place in mind, choose a location that will make for a nice memory of your proposal. Just remember that if you choose a high traffic location, your proposal will not be private and photos without on lookers might be difficult to capture.

Next, reach out to a reputable photographer.  Ask them if they have photographed proposals before.  If not, make sure they know exactly what you have planned.  You might even consider meeting your photographer at the location prior to the actual proposal to make sure they have the perfect location to shoot from.  On the day of the proposal, make sure your future fiancé is dressed for the photos.  Tell her you’re going somewhere that will require her to wear something other than her most comfy sweats.  Finally, enjoy the moment!  It is one you will both remember forever.

One last tip.  Photographers usually take a while to edit photos, but for a special moment like this, many will be willing to edit a few pretty quickly for you to use to announce your engagement.  Just make sure you ask when booking your photographer!

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