How to Bridal Fair Like a Pro!!!


How to Bridal Fair like a pro!  We went to Modern Brides in Huntsville, Alabama who has been hosting a bridal fair for over 30 years in North Alabama for all their tips and tricks to getting the most out of your bridal fair experience.  Here are some of their suggestions…

Tip #1  Before the show it is great to have a checklist of what you NEED for your wedding so that you don’t become distracted.  However, still be open to different things you might see that you would love to have for your wedding.

Tip #2  Talk to vendors.  Sometimes just by having a wonderful conversation you will get valuable information.  Wedding vendors are a wealth of great information.

Tip #3  Make and bring pre-printed labels with you to the show so that you don’t have to write your information over and over.

Tip #4  When you arrive most fairs offer a floor plan and a program.  Look it over so you don’t miss anyone and take notes to remember all the vendors and what you liked about them. (check out our pdf for taking notes at the bridal fair).

Tip #5  Don’t be afraid to bring the groom.  Your groom will love the food and cake aspect of bridal events .  There will also be suit choices for the groom to see.  Many grooms are very involved with venue choices, music, food tasting and honeymoons.

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