5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Huntsville Engagement Session Location

5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Huntsville Engagement Session Location
By: Amber Palmer, Joel and Amber Photography

No matter what you’re looking for, there are lots of great places in Huntsville that make an epic engagement session location. With the history and architecture of downtown Huntsville, trees and blooms at Huntsville Botanical Garden, and the southern charm of Providence Village, it’s hard to go wrong!

The location you choose (and your outfits!) have a big impact on the overall feel of your engagement pictures. Instead of defaulting to Big Spring Park, dig in a little deeper to find a spot that’s perfect for you and your story.

Today we’re sharing 5 tips for choosing the perfect Huntsville engagement session location. These tips will walk you through some things you can do to spark ideas and decide on your perfect spot! After all, these engagement pictures will be something you’ll cherish forever.


1. Choose Your Style

One of the first things you should think about is which style you’re most drawn to. Are you looking for something elegant to match that ballgown you just ordered? Do you prefer something comfortable and classic? How about rustic, adventurous, or with a lifestyle vibe?

For an elegant session, you’ll want to consider things like historic mansions, private estates, museums, and grand architecture. These kind of locations make an impactful high-end feeling background when paired with a floor length gown and a dapper suit.

Downtown streets, historic neighborhoods, and public parks are perfect for comfortable and classic sessions. You can dress it up or dress it down, depending on the outfits you choose. You can’t go wrong, which is why these kind of locations are so popular for engagement sessions.

Rustic looks for wooden barns and cotton fields. These locations tend to have a more casual feel, especially when you’re in jeans or boots.

Adventurous locations take a little more prep and planning, but they make for a dramatic session! The top of a mountain or a city building, an airport hanger, or wading in a creek. Couples who choose adventurous locations tie it into something meaningful to them and their relationship.

For a lifestyle session, you bring in elements of your favorite places or activities. A coffee shop, the state fairs, a food truck rally, cooking in your home, or the Piper & Leaf tea shop. Lifestyle sessions use the location to tell a specific piece of your story in a way that a public park can’t.

Identifying your favorite style will give you a great start in narrowing down location options.

In our Engagement Session Location Guide, we share a list of some of our favorite Huntsville engagement session spots, PLUS little details to consider with each location. We also included some guidelines for what each location is best designed for. If you’re looking for the perfect Huntsville location, be sure not to miss it!


2. Browse Your Photographer’s Blog

This is always my favorite way to encourage our brides to get location inspiration! Every photographer sees things in a different way. Hopefully you hired your photographer partly because you loved how they see a story and capture it through their lens, and you wanted the same for yourself!

Browse through the engagement session of your photographer’s blog and see which sessions attract you the most. Do you love the backgrounds they chose? Can you see yourself in that location?

If your photographer doesn’t have a blog, check out their social media for pictures from past engagement sessions. If the location isn’t tagged, just save a few of your favorites and ask him or her where it is.

3. Consider The Time of Year

Most locations will look different at different times of the year. This especially goes for anything in nature, of course. Parks, gardens, fields, and even tree-lined downtown streets. Some locations work better in the middle of winter than others.

If you’re planning a winter session, you may want to gravitate toward a place that highlights architecture rather than nature. Lifestyle sessions can also be a great winter option. What’s better than a snuggly coffee shop or an in-home cooking session when it’s 30 degrees outside?


4. Check Into The Details

Don’t forget to consider all the little details, like:

~How crowded your location will be
~If any photography fees apply
~How much walking will be involved (bring flats!)
~If your photographer will be able to find great light in that particular location
~If there’s a place for an outfit change

Talk to your photographer about these kind of details before you settle on a location. You may want a sunrise session to avoid the crowds, or your photographer might know a great place to change outfits that you didn’t realize was there.


5. Think Outside The Box

Many couples truly love the classic areas, like downtown or garden parks. We do, too! They’re classy, pretty, and easy to access.

But if you are just looking for something a little extra, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to brainstorm with you on a more unique location. You only have your engagement session once, so make it a special, lifelong memory!

Look for a friend with a private estate and beautiful grounds. Bring the props you need for an elegant picnic, complete with a champagne toast. Hike to the top of a mountain to get those stunning views. Ask about a downtown rooftop, the train museum, or your first date restaurant. If you’re up for it, be creative!

Did you find some inspiration?

We hope these 5 tips will help you find the perfect engagement session location here in Huntsville! Our Engagement Session Location Guide is full of ideas, tips, and pictures to go along with it. As always, feel free to reach out to us at contact@joelandamberphotography.com with any comments, questions, or thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

Engagement Session Location Guide Link: https://joelandamberphotography.com/engagement-session-locations-huntsville


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