Honeymoon, without Breaking the Bank!


I’m Broke, can I still take a Honeymoon???

Planning your wedding day takes a lot of time, work, and MONEY!!!  If your perfect wedding has you strapped for cash, you might be thinking that a honeymoon is impossible.  Don’t give up too quickly.  There are so many ways you can still have an amazing and romantic getaway with your new spouse.  You might just have to get creative and do a little planning.  That’s no big deal for somebody who was able to plan an entire wedding!  Check out our ideas below.

    • Do it later!  That’s right, what about taking a honeymoon 6 months to a year later? You might think that this won’t feel like a “real” honeymoon, but I have talked to many couples who actually wished they had waited to honeymoon.  A lot of time, preparation, and money goes into a wedding.  Waiting a few months gives you time to recover from all the wedding costs.  It will also give you a chance to really settle into married life.
    • Hire a travel agent and make payments.  If you know a honeymoon is a priority book early and start paying payment on the trip.  It will save you interest from putting it on a credit card too!  If you need a travel agent and you’re in the Huntsville area, be sure to check out our list here. https://hometownbrideguide.com/business-directory/wpbdp_category/travel/
    • Make a honeymoon registry.  So many websites now offer honeymoon registries.  This is especially great for couples that marry a little later in life and have already established a household.  They won’t need dishes, towels, cookware, etc. that many newlyweds register for.  Check it out and see if it is something that might work for you.
    • Stay local..I know it might not have the Instagram effect of the Caribbean islands, but isn’t a honeymoon all about time well spent with your honey? Wink, Wink!  And luckily we have some beautiful, romantic destinations well within driving distance of North Alabama.  
    • Take a road trip and camp out along the way.  Be creative and make your honeymoon an adventure to remember.  This one isn’t for everybody, but might be perfect for a couple of outdoor enthusiasts.  You can enjoy your first few days of marriage under the stars.  
    • Have a destination wedding and stay at your destination for your honeymoon.  Some couples even like to invite their friends and family stay as well and have a big, post-wedding vacation party.  It might not be a typical honeymoon, but it is perfect for some couples!
    • Book ahead and look for all the deals or look for last minute deals too!  There are some great travel deals to be had if you really shop around.  Make a list of what you want and what you are willing to pay, and keep looking until you find it.
      Happy Honeymooning!!!palmtrees

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