Beautifully Styled Mock Wedding at Athletic Club Alabama

I was so excited that Hometown Bride Guide was invited to be a guest at the Athletic Club Alabama in Huntsville for their first ever Mock Wedding! However, if I’m being completely honest, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. After all, the Athletic Club is known for tennis, not weddings, right??? Well guess what…it might be an Athletic Club, but it definitely makes a nice wedding venue as well. When I first arrived, I was greeted by huge flowers and wreaths on the exterior doors. Through those doors, there is a lobby with a main desk and then a hallway that leads towards the back of the building. The front desk was nice with a white marble modern design and white leather couches were placed around for guests to sit comfortably. Lovely.

Sigh Photo booth was set up at the end of the lobby so that guests could have some fun with props and photos before moving on to the mock wedding. After some fun photos, we moved upstairs to the in-house bar where they also served food. The décor upstairs is definitely closer to that of an upscale bar than an Athletic Club. A white modern fireplace with wine stored behind glass on either side was a great focal point. Of course, most of us guests had our noses pressed on the glass overlooking the event area below. All of the vendors were getting ready for go time.

Photo by: Austin D. Hammock Photography

The event area was transformed and draped off by white pipe and drape into 3 sections. The first section was for the ceremony, the middle section was a bar and appetizers, and the third section was set with a head table and tables for a sit down dinner. It was a great setup for a wedding and such a fun event!

So many great local vendors came together to make this a wonderful event. They really blew me away with the styling and details. Enjoy!

Photos Below until number 61 by Gari-Ann Kia Photography

Photos below by Neville Simpson Photography

Video by Pixel Joe’s Photography & Video LLC

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