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Florence, AL Engagement Session

I felt inspired to write this blog post. You know sometimes the universe gives us that little nudge and I for one often times just ignore it and tell that little voice inside to sit down and shut-up. We think of all the reasons it won’t work or all the obstacles in between.

If you are new to our blog or have not seen our about page, I am Melissa. I had this crazy idea to start an online wedding resource and my great friend, Renea, was willing to come along for the ride. I have been a photographer forever. When I am photographing I know I am in my purpose. Over the years I have photographed thousands of people. I mean, thousands of souls. I have photographed schools, babies, events, funerals (yes funerals), births, weddings, commercial work, and families. You get the point. What makes some people stand out from others. Even more what makes some photographs amazing and others lack luster? Why do some things take off and others fizzle?

I am going to tell you right now I don’t know the answer. Millions of people are trying to sell the answers online. You can even take courses on how to be happy. For $29.99 you can change you life right? Now, I am no authority on what makes people happy and what all the secrets of the universe are. Sometimes I think it is just how we look at things that makes all the difference and more importantly how we look at ourselves and others.

That brings me to Sunday afternoon in Florence! I have to be honest it was a beautiful day and I was excited to shoot on the campus at UNA. I have always wanted to photograph right there by the lions and the fountain. That place just transports you to somewhere else. With all that excitement of finally getting to shoot somewhere I have wanted to for years it was still at best going to be a six hour venture over on a Sunday afternoon.

Kelsey and Nick…how to I begin to describe them. Like so excited to be getting married. I am talking pumped. I usually try to meet people’s energy where they are. The whole drive I was like I am excited for them, but I just don’t know if I can match their energy. Because they just radiate joy. I wanted nothing more than for them to feel my good energy and make it fun. I was doing like I always do and going over my game plan in my head of my shots and the lighting.

I pull up and start unloading my gear and looking to the heavens for the sun and try to look around for where the shadows are. Because you never know what its truly going to be like until you get there, right? We talk for just a few minutes and start walking towards things we think are pretty and would make nice photos.Here is where we get to the good part. The ah-ha Oprah moment if you will. Kelsey turns looks at Nick and I am not sure what her exact words are through the session to him are, but the things I caught went something like this.

You are all mine.

I am so grateful for you.

You are amazing.

I can’t believe I get to spend my life with you.

My favorite part of the wedding is going to be when I kiss you.

How did I get so lucky.

Kelsey went to change clothes and I got a few minutes just to talk to John. We talked about their plans all the way down to that he hoped that they could have a big kitchen one day with kids running around the house.

I will admit that sometimes (a lot) I can be a bit cynical. In my typical style it took me half a day to process and the next two days to put my ego aside and let the experience teach me what I needed at the moment. What did I learn from Kelsey and Nick. First, I need to be a nicer wife. Ha! Mostly, I learned I didn’t have to meet them with my energy they had it on their own. I was just there to capture it for them, and that I got to get a powerful take away was just a bonus.

What a powerful reminder for everyone. What makes a photo? What makes a relationship? What really matters? I am still on the search. It seems so easy doesn’t it. Or maybe its always there you just have to look for it. Thanks to Kelsey and Nick for just being you and letting me share in your joy.

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