Featured Vendor: Lumpstick Productions

If you have been planning a wedding for any length of time you have probably been thinking about hiring a videographer. Let us tell you about Lumpstick Productions. Brad Thompson is the creative director and his wife, Lerrin Thompson, is the CEO. Both graduates of the University of North Alabama, they bring great strengths to Lumpstick. Brad heads up the filming, pre-production, and post-production. Lerrin oversees all the project management, helping Lumpstick Productions run like a champ.

In a recent interview with Lumpstick we got to talk all about what makes them unique. One of the things that we talked about is how Brad edits until Lerrin cries. Carefully planning their films to invoke emotion so they can be a lasting heirloom for generations to enjoy makes Lumpstick a great choice for your wedding videographer.

Here is a clip from our interview.

You can really see the professional quality and experience in their videos take a look at these videos to see for yourself.

Want to find out more and connect with Lumpstick! Click Here!

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