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We are so excited here at Hometown Bride Guide to introduce you to our real bride Hannah. Hannah is getting married in October 2019 and she has invited us to join her along her journey from going from Miss to Mrs. We hope that you love Hannah as much as we do.

Hey y’all! You’re probably wondering who I am. My name is Hannah Munson (soon to be Hannah Lindsey). I’m marrying a wonderful man, named Hudson Lindsey! I like wine, cats, queso, and Criminal Minds. I have also discovered that I LOVE planning my wedding! Crazy, I know! I’m going to be your real-life bride. You’re going to get to follow my wedding journey
and the process of planning. The good, the stressful, the crazy. All real, all my experience. Let me tell ya a little about myself! I’m a small-town girl from Pomona Park, Fl. (basically the middle of nowhere). I went to college in Pensacola, Fl. and currently reside in Madison, AL.

Enough about that. I met my future husband a few years back. After our first date, we went a period of time where we didn’t talk, and then we started talking again and had what I like to call our “second-first date”. Our second-first date went amazingly well (much like the first-first date)! We went bowling, had a few brews, and ate some hot wings. Romantic, I know. It was like I had found my best friend. Sounds crazy, but shortly after dating, we moved in together. He brought his dog (which is now my baby), and we got a cat together.

On January 20, 2018, we went on a trip to Gatlinburg, TN. Little did I know, I’d leave that trip a fey-oncé (Beyoncé reference, I apologize). The proposal didn’t go how he had planned, but I was none the wiser and it was perfect! We had a great dinner with some tasty drinks afterwards, his sister and her then- boyfriend (now fiancé) were with us, it was the perfect night! Here we are a little over a year later, and BOY OH BOY, the wedding planning is full steam ahead. I’m here to bring you my thoughts, processes, and experiences. I don’t want you to think that every experience during the wedding planning process is the same, and thank goodness for that! I’m just here to help you along the way and give you some insight into how I navigated this crazy wedding world. We are all unique individuals and I think our weddings should reflect that!

This guest blog is going to be all about the process of planning a
wedding and finding your own voice. I can’t wait to share my journey. After all, life is not always a Pinterest board, and it shouldn’t have to be!

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