5 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

So you have a budget for your wedding and you are starting to freak out a little. Here are 5 ways to trim some of the wedding costs.

  • Hold the Liquor!!! This might not be the most popular way to save money, but it definitely works. Alcohol can get expensive. Opting for wine and beer only or cutting it out all together will help your bottom line.
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  • Cut the guest list. I know it is hard, but cutting down on the number of guests will really lower your food bill.
  • Choose your wedding date carefully! Think off peak season or a weekday. Having a Thursday or Sunday wedding can save you thousands of dollars on venue rental. Many venues and vendors offer great discounts during off-peak months.
  • Make it short and sweet. Back in the day mints and punch was the way to celebrate. Maybe having a small ceremony with close family and friends followed by dinner is the way to cut costs.
  • Trim your flower order. We love some gorgeous florals, but they can get really pricey. A very successful florist once said to me that flowers are a luxury. That is so true. Luckily there are many ways to have a beautiful wedding without spending thousands of dollars on flowers. One idea is to splurge on a fabulous bridal bouquet but have minimal flowers for bridesmaids and decorations.

Hopefully these easy ways to cut back on your wedding budget will ease the sticker shock that can happen while wedding planning.

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