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Let’s talk about wedding themes and styles. This is where you can really let your personality, and your relationship, shine! Don’t be afraid to get out there. Do you want to have Harry Potter, Disney, or even Game of Thrones vibes? Go for it! Have a favorite movie? Incorporate little touches throughout, whether it be your accent colors, or in your favors, maybe socks for the groomsmen, or wherever else you can throw a little fun touch in! Here is a list of a few ideas for wedding styles.

If you’re laid-back and your relationship is very laid-back, maybe opt for a bohemian style wedding, full of greenery and whimsy. If you’re into glam, maybe go for a blingy, floral filled, and modern wedding. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it! I love going to a wedding and seeing the couple’s personality in the sweet touches. If you’re a huge animal lover and your fur-babies are your life, maybe have a doggy/cat treat bar for guests to take home to their pets! If you love sweets, have a candy bar that guests can fill goodie bags with! If you have a bar, personalize cocktail napkins, drink stirrers or koozies with something the two of you love!

In general, I’m a laid-back kind of gal. My fiancé and I are pretty relaxed as a couple. My style is influenced by the 60’s/70’s. I’m talking flared and printed pants, floral prints, big bell sleeves, and velvet. (I love velvet so much, Hudson’s suit jacket is going to be velvet–and the real joy is that he loves it!) Eventually we opted for a kind of bohemian vibe with some art deco/vintage touches. I think Hudson may be tired of hearing the word “boho” and “art-deco” though, haha! I’m using lots of greenery in my floral arrangements. Chunky candlesticks are being used in our centerpieces. A greenery garland for the mantle (thanks Meadow Creek Farm for providing the gorgeous scenery)! I’ve been visiting antique shops for vintage glassware and various pieces (Boneyard Antiques in Athens is one of my favorites). I also spend a lot of time looking at TJ Maxx to find cool vases, lanterns, and other little decorative pieces to make the wedding uniquely ours.

Don’t be afraid to get crafty! This is especially great if you’re on a tighter budget. It’s also a way to add some personalized touches to your wedding. Pinterest has TONS of ideas, and you can take those ideas and tweak them to make them unique to you. I love taking something and changing it. I bought “Mr & Mrs” wedding letters for our sweetheart table, and they are the wrong color, so I’m going to spray paint them and they’ll be perfect!

The ways in which to bring your personality into your wedding décor are endless. Whether you choose simple or something more elaborate, as long as you love it, that’s all that matters. Your wedding is an oyster, make it a pearl!

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