DIY Wedding Ideas for your Perfect Wedding

We love to see a wedding that incorporates some DIY elements. Many times, when people think of DIY they think of saving money. However, not all couples DIY their weddings to save money. Some creative couples just enjoy being crafty and making their wedding unique. Of course, saving money on your wedding budget is always a good thing..right? So when James and Kendall Davis wanted to save a little money and also enjoyed being creative they put together some amazing DIY elements for their lake wedding. A DIY wedding was perfect for this creative couple who had so many ideas and the talents to bring them to life. It made their wedding more personal, thoughtful, and interactive. (you will see what I mean).

Brides always seem to need a special place to hold things like rings, the marriage license, jewelry, invitations, and other odds and ends that cannot be forgotten the day of the ceremony. Kendall and James had the perfect solution. They bought a case from Hobby Lobby, some scrapbook paper, and got their ring boxes and hot glue gun. They cut the scrapbook paper to size for the case. ( They chose coordinating colors to match their wedding colors). Then using Mod Podge they glued in the paper, let it dry. then they hot glued in their ring boxes. Perfect way to secure the rings and make everything easy to keep up with. And most importantly it was super pretty!

Groom James is an amazing artist. They decided to make their own coloring books for the children attending the wedding. The coloring books included the story of how they met and fell in love, which the couple wrote. A perfect keepsake and way for guest to know more about the couple, and of course, keep the kids busy and quiet during the ceremony.

Need your Groom to loosen up on your big day or want a funny way to prank your groom. Find a willing groomsmen like Kendall did to do the “first look” with the groom. All you need is a dress:)

One of the most unique things at James and Kendall’s wedding was how they included the wedding dresses of the bride’s mother and grandmothers, and even great-grandmother. Kendall got dress forms from Wal-Mart product link here, then asked her mother and grandmothers if she could display their wedding dresses. As you can imagine, it was a great way to include the ladies in her family and make them feel extra special and so much fun to see them tell stories about their wedding day.

There was so much fun DIYing going on at this wedding! Enjoy!

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