Wedding Day First Look? Team Hell Yes or Team No Way?

Let me start by saying, I’m definitely on team First Look! I love the first look and the time it gives the couple on their wedding day to focus on one another without the wedding party, family members, or wedding guests.

In the past, many believed that it was bad luck for a bride and groom to see one another on their wedding day. According to many sources, this tradition actually started when most marriages were arranged. The groom wasn’t supposed to see the bride at all until they met at the altar to avoid the groom backing out of the marriage if he didn’t find her attractive enough. Women even wore veils to cover their faces until the last possible moment. Romantic, huh? So you see, your marriage will not be cursed if you see each other before the ceremony.

With that said, we put together two different Top 5 lists to help you decide on a first look.

5 Reasons You Should Have a First Look

1) Privacy. Seeing each other in a private location versus in front of hundreds of guests is so much more intimate. You can still get the moment you dream about having at the altar during a first look, and you can enjoy it alone.
2) Photos! Having a first look gives you plenty of time for couple of photos. You can also go ahead and take care of the wedding party and maybe even family photos prior to the ceremony so you can have more time to enjoy your reception and guests later.
3) Stress Breaker. I have watched the tension melt away from so many couples after their first look. Many couples need contact with one another to de-stress from the wedding day hustle and bustle and prepare to enjoy the ceremony.
4) Timing. Having a first look might be important if you have your heart set on a certain ceremony time. Many couples opt for outdoor ceremonies right at sunset. Sunset ceremonies are gorgeous, but leave very little time for outdoor photos after the ceremony. You can’t get many couple photos at your gorgeous venue if it’s too dark. If you’re struggling with your wedding day timeline, click here for some helpful tips!
5) Party Time! If you are set on being there for all of your reception, don’t skip the first look. You don’t want to rush through your wedding day photos so you can get to the party asap. Have a first look, take some pics, say I do, and go straight to the party!

5 Reasons To Skip the First Look

1) Tradition is important to you! Hey, we get it. First, looks aren’t for everybody. If saving the first look for the altar is important to you, don’t let anybody change your mind. Just carefully plan your timeline to make sure your ceremony time works for your needs without a first look and enjoy your day your way!
2) Time constraints. Perhaps you don’t have much time at your venue, or you only hired a photographer for a couple of hours. Feel free to forego the first look and use your time more wisely.
3) You want to avoid getting your feathers ruffled. A first look is usually done in order to get photos done prior to the ceremony. If you are concerned about messing up your dress, hair, or make-up a little prior to the ceremony a first look might not be for you. Especially in a hot area where you will be taking outdoor photos.
4) You are eloping. First looks usually aren’t necessary for an elopement or very small wedding.
5) The groom does not want to do a first look. Yes, grooms can have a vision about how they will see their bride on their wedding day. So make sure that you talk to your partner about what they would like to do.

Have any stories or reasons to do a first look or not to? Be sure to leave it in the comments below. We would love to hear all about it.

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