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When interior designer Nicole and now husband and architect Vince decided to get married they knew that they wanted to incorporate some DIY ideas into their wedding. Their aim for their wedding was for it to be very simplistic and use natural design elements throughout. So with their beautiful wedding as inspiration, we decided here at Hometown Bride Guide to see if we could copy cat their DIY centerpieces. Let us know how you think they turned out. Nicole and Vince’s wedding photos are below. Be sure to check those out!!!

Below is the inspiration centerpiece. While Nicole and Vince sourced the bottles by asking family and friends to save bottles for over a year, I am going to try to see if I can down a few bottles and see what we can make..haha! Just kidding. However, my first step was to find some bottles.

Inspiration Centerpiece

I looked online at a few websites like freecycle and emailed several of the recycling facilities in my area with little success. I really wanted to avoid going to antique stores and paying for bottles as I wanted to keep the budget as low as possible. I read that some people had success going to local restaurants and bars as well, but dumpster diving in the hot Alabama summer did not sound like fun to me. I took to Facebook and hoped that I would get a hit.

I would say within about 5 mins of my facebook post I had friends offering wine bottles, tequila bottles, and more. I don’t know what that says about my friends that they had so many bottles but, ya know! Here is a look at what I picked up from friends. One of my friends had a box of 1970’s bottles that were my favorites so I used them. I also got a very modern-looking vodka bottle that I decided to use for a modern centerpiece. I am sure with a year to plan, I would easily have enough for an entire 12-15 tables.

My next step was to look for table numbers like our inspiration centerpiece. I found this one at hobby lobby online. So I decided to go in and check out what they had in the store. There were plenty on Etsy as well but, they were out of the budget I was planning to spend. Which I was hoping would be around $3.00 per table number centerpiece.

This is what I found at Hobby Lobby.

My next step was the flowers. Our inspiration couple used flowers from a local flower farm where they purchased a “growers choice” package which meant they had no idea what the color or what the flowers would be or how it would go together until days before the wedding. By the looks of the wedding, it was worth the risk of not knowing because the flowers looked beautiful.

Inspired by the inspiration wedding, I reached out to a local flower farm that I found online here in North Alabama. I found out that during this time of year (August) in North Alabama their season was coming to an end. I couldn’t really go and pick anything..bummer. Then I started thinking of my sweet neighbor that always tells me that I can cut flowers from her yard next door. One trip out into our yards and I found plenty of flowers that might work and the budget for flowers would be a whopping big fat zero. I say that is a win-win.

After I collected all my supplies I was ready to see if my centerpieces would work out as well as Nicole and Vince’s. I wasn’t sure if I should add water or any weights to the bottom of the bottle since I have seen florists do that for years. I decided there was probably something to that, but I chose not to add any weights.

Armed with my scissors and bottles and flowers I started putting together the centerpieces. The first thing I did was cut off the excess leaves on the stems.

I went ahead and made the first one out of hydrangeas. My neighbor has three large “bushes”. She said one time she got 80 blooms off of them for a bridal shower and you could hardly tell she had cut any off. I think that is budget-friendly for sure! I added a bunch of tulle underneath and used the extra greenery that I cut off the stems with a few candles that I had around the house to see what it could look like. This is how the first one turned out.

In my second attempt, I had mostly wildflowers. Blooms from a crepe myrtle and a few daisies. I used a white table cloth this time.

The last centerpiece I made was out of the very modern-looking vodka bottle I got from friends. I thought why not try a modern look just for fun. My neighbor told me that I could cut her hosta and that it would look great. So I cut a few leaves and here is the result.

Budget wise I was all in for $5..that was for the pack of table numbers that went to the number 10. (I caught them 50% at Hobby Lobby) If I had done all ten the cost would have been .50 cents per centerpiece. So as far as a budget-savvy centerpiece, I would give this project an A+. I found that people are always willing to help and share…most people are just awesome like that! All I did was a simple Facebook post and ask my neighbor for a few flowers.

Just like Nicole and Vince I was THRILLED with the result. Be sure to check out Nicole and Vince’s inspiration wedding below to see how their centerpieces tied in with their wedding theme.

Vendor Credits

Makeup Artist: Daneene Jensen & Associates//Hair Stylist: Daneene Jensen & Associates//Invitation Designer:Cards and Pockets//Other: Celebrate with a Twist//Specialty Foods:Nina’s Waffles//Caterer:Farm Truck Philly//Floral Designer: Laughing Lady Flower Farm//Dress Designer:BHLDN// Reception Venue: Durham Hill Farm//Photographer: Heather Marie Photography//

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