Eco-Friendly Backyard Wedding

When Hailey and Jacob got engaged and started the wedding planning process they knew that they wanted to be very intentional with their decisions. They chose to make their wedding as local and low-carbon as possible. Viewing their wedding as a symbol of their values they knew things like eating local from eco-friendly food sources, limiting waste and using as many natural resources was the way they wanted to go.

For the venue the couple chose a place close to their hearts. Their own backyard. Their 1/2 acre property complete with fruit trees, flowers, and even a barn it was the perfect place to hold the wedding. Hailey and Jacob spent the months leading up to the wedding maintaining and thinking about the celebration that would be held there.

“Flowers were everywhere!”, Hailey and Jacob shared when asked about the florals. They planted a wide variety of flowers in the yard. The colors were periwinkle blue, dark lavender, and “sunset” orange. Hailey had dried orange Calendula and Chamomile to spread on the dinner tables and dried lavender was hung above the ceremony arch. Hailey also made the bouquets for the bridesmaids from flowers from the yard and also a local farmers market.

Another thing that was truly important to this couple was spending time with the guests. They were very intentional with their decision to make time to spend with family and friends. The night before the wedding they held a potluck dinner where they ordered pizza and guests brought sides and desserts. They set up a projector to watch a movie on the deck and put out lawn games. Hailey and Jacob also turned their backyard into a mini-camp. They mowed some pasture and brought in a propane-heated shower and converted their barn into a dressing room and hangout space.

Hailey and Jacob were just as thoughtful about fashion as every other intentional decision from their wedding. They knew they didn’t want to look too fancy and keep their laid back feel. So Jacob wore some work pants that looked really sharp with a purple vest to help him stand out from the groomsmen in blue ones. The bridesmaids were all asked to find a dress in periwinkle blue and to wear brown shoes. It was important to Hailey that everyone felt comfortable. Hailey wore a fancy, floral summer dress that was off-white. She paired it with colorful chunky earrings made by a friend (which made it extra special).

Feeling inspired yet? Check out the way the ceremony and the rest of the wedding turned out below.

Vendor Credits:

Cake Designer: Costco //Dress Designer: Sundance Catalog//Culinary: Bright Spells Homestead//Caterer: Bistro BBQ//Photographer: Lavender Bouquet Photography//

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